Secure Document Destruction


When your records meet retention requirements and are eligible to be moved from storage to destruction, we can continue to meet your needs. We provide a safe, secure and affordable means of destroying your files that are environmentally friendly. Your documents are shredded to all compliance regulations, baled and sent to a pulp mill where the paper is stripped of ink and 100% recycled. Customers are provided with an official Certificate of Destruction upon completion of service.


Benefits of Our Document Destruction:

  • Regulation Compliance
  • Flexible schedule to fit your needs
  • Secure chain-of-custody
  • Secure lockable containers
  • Safe from fraud and theft
  • Saving time & money

Available Services:

  • Scheduled Service
    We schedule to fit your needs, rotate containers weekly, or monthly
  • Purge service
    You don’t need to schedule service, let our professional staff come to your facility as needed
  • Secure Containers
    Lockable containers to fit all needs, 95-gallon totes to office consoles
  • Chain-of-Custody
    From the time of staff pick-up to the time of destruction, we have an audit trail to the Certificate of Destruction

Secure Containers

Secure Totes

Available in two sizes
65 Gallon (24.5″x27.5″x43.25″)
Holds roughly 150 lbs

95 Gallon (25″x34″x44″)
Holds roughly 225 lbs

Office Consoles

Wooden console with a bag inside that we switch out

Holds roughly 100 lbs