Secure Document Destruction


When your records meet retention requirements and are eligible to be moved from storage to destruction, we can continue to meet your needs. We provide a safe, secure and affordable means of destroying your files that are environmentally friendly. Your documents are shredded to all compliance regulations, baled and sent to a pulp mill where the paper is stripped of ink and 100% recycled. Customers are provided with an official Certificate of Destruction upon completion of service.


Benefits of Our Document Destruction:

  • Regulation Compliance
  • Flexible schedule to fit your needs
  • Secure chain-of-custody
  • Secure lockable containers
  • Safe from fraud and theft
  • Saving time & money

Available Services:

  • Scheduled Service
    We schedule to fit your needs, rotate containers weekly, or monthly
  • Purge service
    You don’t need to schedule service, let our professional staff come to your facility as needed
  • Secure Containers
    Lockable containers to fit all needs, 95-gallon totes to office consoles
  • Chain-of-Custody
    From the time of staff pick-up to the time of destruction, we have an audit trail to the Certificate of Destruction